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25 maj 2018, 05:07

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 Dutch driver moved to Sweden. 
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Bil: Hyundai Coupe
Namn: Alexander Meijer
Inlägg Dutch driver moved to Sweden.
Hello Everyone,

My name is Alexander, I moved to my girlfriend in Sverige.
The first time I was here (Eskilstuna) i saw the honda area is not that big at all.
Compare to Holland where you see a lot of Honda's driving with boosted D15's, D16's, B16's, B18's and Civic hatches with H22 engines in it.
Also some strange people that put K engines in it or even more.

At the moment i'm not driving a Honda anymore, but a Hyundai Coupé.
I've registered here because i'm planning to buy a Honda for myself and giving the Hyundai to my girlfriend.

My first Honda Civic was in 2007, a Civic ED6 D15B2 swapped to a D16Z5 engine but keeping the 1.5 engine.
After that I bought a CRX Del Sol (build from ground up)
After that I bought a Civic Coupe D15B7, swapped to D15Z6 and convert it to real vtec.
Then a CRX Del SOl again, sold it because i needed more space (thats why i have the hyundai)

Some pics:

2007 Civic ED6

My first CRX Del Sol

My first Del Sol and First Civic Coupe
The civic coupe i just bought few days before this picture.

Styling the coupe

My last crx del sol

and this is my Hyundai Coupe


In a few months I will fly to Holland to buy a Civic 1.5 1992-1995 Hatch.

Civic plans:

- Make sure the base is perfect, no rest, all the parts checked.
- Build a D16Z6-T (forged rods, pistons, more) and
- Swap the D15B2 to the D16Z6-T
- Make it lighter, but keep all the "luxery"
- Lower it

I will buy 90% of all the parts in Holland because it costs almost nothing there.

15 maj 2012, 21:01
Gillar Hondor!
Gillar Hondor!

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Ort: Järna
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Bil: Accord Type S Tourer -07
Namn: Frode Altink
Inlägg Re: Dutch driver moved to Sweden.
Welkom nar Zweden en welkom nar Honda performance club! Leuk dat je onze forum hebt gevonden!
I'll continue in English.
The Swedish Honda scene isn't that bad. You have to think about that Sweden is a big country with not that much people living in it and Holland is a small country with a lot of people living in it. So of course there will be more Hondas i Holland.
If you become a paying member on this forum you can look at the build threads that only are visible to paying members. there are a lot of boosted engines around here as well :)

Hope you'll hang around here! and maybe come to check out one of the trackdays arranged by HPC or some other meet!
Send me a PM if there's anything you want to know and I'll try and help you out!

17 maj 2012, 09:40
HPC Guld Medlem
HPC Guld Medlem

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Ort: Stockholm
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Bil: Integra Type-r -98
Namn: Richard Hammerin
Inlägg Re: Dutch driver moved to Sweden.
hi and welcom to our community. In västerås near by Eskilstuna you have som of swedens most swappers, probably even in Nordic ;) Theire name on this forum is Malkolm and Trixxie. The honda scene in Sweden is abaout real speed, dragracing Na 10sek car and turbos. We have some realy fast cars hitting the road racing track/autocross.

Welcom / Richard

*Regionsansvarig Stockholm*
Richard Hammerin
0708-711 779

Integra Type R -98

Familje pulka FR-V -05

Jazz -05 83hk
Kinnekulle 1.12.0

CRX Turbo 240hk
Kinnekulle 1.02,4
G-Ring 1.36,3
Mantorp 1.34,1
Gelleråsen 1.18,0

17 maj 2012, 10:22
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